The Biggest Cannabis Events to Experience in 2020

With the fast-spreading wave of cannabis legalization in different parts of the world, enthusiasts can access a completely new category of events. Promoters of cannabis-related events are catering to a different world that perceives recreational and medicinal drug uniquely. The industry is fast developing with significant research and development contributing to the world of holistic wellness. This revolution can change the lives of millions of people around the globe in a blink of eye. There are many marijuana events across America and Europe that would capture the interest of those who are curious about this industry. As the number of states legalizing the use of cannabis increases, the list of events goes grows. In this post, we take a look at some of the most prominent events that would happen in 2020.

CannaGrow Expo

A world-class event to be held in Chicago on April 17, 2020, the expo is dedicated to the art and science involved in cannabis cultivation. It would feature about 25 sessions about cultivation led by top growers. The two-day event will allow immense networking capabilities with cultivators across the world and an expo of advanced tools and techniques used for growing and processing the herb. What makes it special is the quality of education it provides to producers. This expo is open to everybody aged 18 and above and invites growers, extractors, managers and enthusiasts.


Two events will be held in 2020 by CannaTech, Davos (20-24 Jan) and Tel Aviv (29-31 Mar). While Davos is aimed at highlighting the economic impact of marijuana in international investment, trade, healthcare and other aspects. These impacts mean the drug as a commodity and medicine can play a big role in shaping the globe’s future. Tel Aviv is a medical marijuana conference that gathers leaders in the industry and agents to connect and discover innovation. Through these events and speakers, CannaTech offers a platform to embed the medicine into the future of healthcare.

ICBC International

Scheduled on February 6, 2020, ICBC International is a must-attend event for B2Bs. This is the longest-running event in California and promises something for everybody, investors, medical professionals, businesses as well as technicians. Being the leader in the industry, California is a great place to experience an event. Moreover, ICBC members have played a big role in shaping the industry and legislature in the country.

Lift & Co. Vancouver

The 3-day festival to be held from January 9 this year celebrates different aspects of the industry and covers consumers as well as businesses. The expo cum conference offers a plethora of opportunities for fun and education. When you attend this event, you can come across investors, medical professionals as well as recreational users and get an amazing chance for networking. Moreover, you can access highly comprehensive information that is shared at the event. Whether you attend it for one day or three, you are sure to come home with a great knowledge of the current situation of the industry and its future.

NoCo Hemp Expo

Scheduled to be held on March 27 and 28 this year, NoCo is more than an expo. Being the most comprehensive hemp exhibition, this event will be held in Denver to offer an ideal setting for producers, wholesale and retail businesses and marketers of hemp-derived products. With a huge number of attendees and exhibitors, this event will provide a platform to come together to impact the future positively.

High End Creatives

A minority agency led by women, High End Creatives is based in Miami and Los Angeles and specializes in digital marketing. They have a calendar of events in 2020 all partnering with artistic and educational leaders who would depict their presence and contribution in the industry. Some of these events will be public while others will be restricted to invite. The objective is to reach the audience through experimental efforts. The founders will engage in community building by bringing together brands, talent and decision makers expected to change the industry’s face in coming years.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

Ideal for those who like enjoying their weed in drinkable form, this event will be held in Chicago on August 3, 2020. This expo will feature alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks and offer lectures about the benefits of holistic health, legalization and more. The event will let you gain a lot if you are somehow into the food and beverage industry. You will not only get to know the new brands and products but also meet some of the top analysts and practitioners in the industry.